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"What Wondrous Love"

Reverend Rick Hoyt-McDaniels


We are a church, a congregation, a spiritual community. We strive to be a beloved community. Sometimes we describe our church as a community of “like-minded” people. Wouldn’t it be better, and more true to our pluralistic faith if we strove to become and maintain a caring community of “like-hearted” people?

"Let it Be a Dance"

Revered Rick Hoyt-McDaniels


Life is tough. Life is challenging. The world around us feels uncertain. Our church asks much of us. In the midst of this anxiety, to experience spiritual qualities such as peace, serenity, or joy, is not to wait for a change in our outward circumstances but to claim a response now within ourselves.

"Riding the Waves of Relationships"



"The Unending Quest"

Reverend Rick Hoyt-McDaniels


Because our Unitarian Universalist faith is “reality-based” and reality is constantly changing, there will always be something new, and something more requested of us. Our work of religious education is not merely to prepare our children for adulthood, but to equip all of us, at every age, to take the next step on a continually unfolding