Social Justice

Social Justice is our name for the numerous ways that Unitarian Universalists are called to make change for the better in the world beyond our church.  From our 19th century leadership in the abolition and woman's suffrage movements, to 20th century participation in civil rights, rights for LGBTQ persons and the women's movement, to current issues such as gun control, immigrant right and climate change, you will always find Unitarian Universalists working to bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice. 

Homeless Drop-In Program
Every Tuesday, from 8 - 11:30am, our church hosts a drop-in program for our homeless neighbors.  As a host site for the North Hollywood Home Alliance, we provide a comfortable place to relax under the shade in our front yard.  We provide a breakfast of oatmeal or cereal and coffee.  We set up a "charging station" for folks to power-up their devices.  We open our "clothes closet" and distribute donated clothes and other items.  At the end of the morning we provide lunch.  Occasionally, service providers from LA County will join us to offer more extensive services.

North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry
Every Sunday our congregation collects donations of canned goods and other foods in support of this community program housed at the First Christian Church.

UU The Vote

UU the Vote is a nonpartisan civic engagement initiative focused on strengthening democracy and organizing for justice, accountability, and healing.