While all voices are welcome in the sanctuary, a self-service nursery with an audio speaker for listening to the Sunday service is provided for our families.  To make the room more comfortable, we have provided a stocked diaper-changing station, two reclining armchairs, toys and books. There is also a lovely four wall mural that is a true delight!

Toddler Room

 Bonnie Burroughs and Christine Levine

The most important goal in the Toddler Room is for your children to experience our church as a safe place for them to be, in the care of adults they can trust. Separating from their parents is a major developmental undertaking for children at this age, when security and trust are paramount.

Our Toddler Room provides a welcoming environment for your children to explore, with or without parental company, under the care of an experienced adult to oversee and facilitate this pivotal transition time. The Nursery in the next room provides a space for parents to listen to the service while maintaining their availability to their youngsters.


Preschool – Kindergarten Circle: Rainbow Room (Ages 3-5)

Erica Steakley and Karen Renee


The curriculum for 2015-2016 is “Heart Talk for Kids (Preschool –K).”  The program assists in connecting children with their inherent worth and dignity through an emphasis on feelings, universal needs, empathy for self/others, gratitude, understanding anger, and conflict resolution.  “Heart Talk for Kids” is created by Debbie Berkana and Veronica Lasson, and it is based on Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication.

The meaningful program utilizes movement, activities, games, art, stories, songs and time in nature. It also incorporates many different learning styles to meet individual needs.  “Heart Talk for Kids” helps children incorporate more peace, love, and connection in their lives.