World Room  (1st – 3rd Grade Circle)

Karen Kungie-Torres and Nancy Stringer

The 1st-3rd Grade Circle is using the curriculum “Heart Talk for Kids (1st-3rd)” this year.  The program empowers children to create peaceful relationships and have empathy and compassion for themselves and others.  “Heart Talk for Kids” helps children delve into their feelings and understand that all people share the same need for safety, food, choice, respect, love, and more.  Through stories, art, games, crafts, and songs they explore feelings, universal needs, making requests, empathy for themselves and others, gratitude, transforming anger, conflict resolution, and active peacemaking.  Ultimately, the program empowers kids to create peace.


Big Room (4th-5th Grade Circle)

Christiana Rosa and Sue Witkovsky

The 4th-5th Grade Exploration Circle will also be engaged in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) via the Heart Talk program.  The students will practice communicating their feelings, needs, and requests to their peers and actively listen to the feelings, needs, and requests of others, deepening their capacity for empathy and peacemaking.