What We Offer Through the Lifespan

Welcome to the vibrant and enriching religious exploration (RE) program at UU Church of Studio City!  Children and youth are vital members of our faith community.  They participate in Intergenerational Worship Services, Children’s Chapel, Curricular Days (RE programming), and Faith in Action Days (social justice).

A great deal of planning and preparation goes into creating a quality RE program for our children and youth.  Therefore, it is imperative that children and youth attend regularly and come to RE ready to learn, grow, question, and explore.

Our typical monthly RE schedule is as follows:

  • 1st Sunday – Intergenerational Service or Children’s Chapel & Spiritual Practices
  • 2nd Sunday  – Curricular Day
  • 3rd Sunday – Curricular Day
  • 4th Sunday– Faith in Action (Social Justice)
  • 5th Sunday – Curricular Day


We currently have the following Religious Exploration Circles:

  • Toddler Circle— Creepers, crawlers and toddlers who are learning to separate from parents and trust our caregivers.
  • Preschool – Kindergarten Circle (Rainbow Room) — Children who are able to sit in a circle and hear a story with others. Birthday in 2010-2012
  • 1st-3rd Grade Circle (World Room) Birthday in 2007-2009
  • 4th-5th Grade Circle (Big Room) Birthday in 2004-2006
  • Middle School Circle (Turning Tides) Grades 6-8/ Birthday in 2001-2003
  • High School Circle (YRUU) Grades 9-12/  Birthday in 1996-2000

We understand that children are often at a different developmental stage than their age or grade may indicate. We are very flexible.  If you feel your child should move up a circle, or should have a bonus year in the group they were in last year, please contact me.  We will set up a time for you to meet with the teachers and me to discuss the most appropriate placement for your child.

As always, feel free to contact our DRE, with your questions or comments,


Director of Religious Exploration (DRE)

UU Church of Studio City
(818) 769-5911, Ext. 104


Children and Youth


Children and youth begin most of their Sunday mornings with the congregation for worship in the Sanctuary at 10AM.  After the “Time for All Ages” (about 10:15AM) they exit to the fellowship hall with their Religious Exploration leaders and teachers, where they gather and greet each other in Exploration Circles, before moving on to their respective classrooms. Toddlers, however, will be taken directly to the Toddler Room by their parents.


Each Exploration Circle has the following identifying colors associated with it:

Preschool – Kindergarten (Rainbow Room) – Red

1st-3rd (World Room) – Yellow

4th – 5th (Big Room) – Green

6th-8th (Turning Tides) – Silver

9th-12th (YRUU) – Purple


* High School Teens (YRUU) – meet upstairs in Room 8 at 11:30am, after the worship service and the younger children’s circles have ended.