Milestones of Joy and Sorrow for Sunday May 14, 2017

Bonnie Pierone is celebrating so much joy next weekend: Cabaret, of course, as well as Nick’s art being featured in the Beverly Hills Art Show (come on down!) and Polly’s homecoming after a great first year of college. All gratitude.

Marilyn Shield: Congratulations to Dr. Nancy Holland who received her PhD in choral music from USC this past Friday! Bravo!

Zoe Dawson: A beautiful birdsong filled the morning air. I passed by this flower box and here were these beautiful magenta, pink and white flowers. Some of them were still buds waiting to open, and others had already blossomed out.

Steffi Prather: Send your loving thoughts to my sister Sarah who had a shoulder replacement and is suffering a lot of pain.

Hanna Brown: I have a niece, Gwyneth Cotes, who has worked on nutrition for mothers and children in Africa for 13 years. I am so proud of her and so grateful to have shared with her and family in DC this past week. Bless mothers worldwide!

Dorothy Balisok: Please send healing energy to my friend Sherry Brewer who had a heart attack Friday and is facing by-pass surgery next week.