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Tijuana Border Issues : What Can We Do for Immigration Justice

Jan Nelson Meslin

As the Director of Social Change Development, a volunteer position with the national organization CIVIC (Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement), Jan devotes many hours advocating for people in immigration detention. This work began with a desire to end the isolation of detainees held for weeks, months and sometimes years without basic necessities to … Continued

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We are an inclusive and compassionate community welcoming all people of good will: young and old, gay, straight and bisexual, partnered and single. We celebrate religious diversity and strive for social justice, encouraging each person to find her or his own answers to the great religious questions of life in a community of open hearts and questioning minds. We come from a variety of backgrounds, traditions and religions. We respect and celebrate our differences, and seek not to convert, but to share. We are not a melting pot, but rather a mosaic encompassing many different values and beliefs. We subscribe to no dogma. We are free to hold any belief or nonbelief concerning God or judgment. We find expression in our religion by living out our values. People do not have to abandon their faith or traditions to become members or friends of our church. We ask only that they let go of the doctrine of exclusivity. We affirm that there is more than one way, more than one language, more than one tradition which leads people to goodness and love.